Hi there!  I’m Brittany, the Joyful Advocate.  I help Christian women thrive in their marriages, parenting, and homeschooling with PMDD by sharing my story and offering support.

I am…

  • a Jesus lover
  • Married to my best friend
  • a Homeschooling mom of two awesome kids
  • a PMDD advocate
  • a Faith-focused blogger of all things family!

I once was lost but now I’m found,
and it’s my goal to live Found every single day.

My journey so far hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve found that there truly is joy in every season. The stories you’ll find here at The Joyful Advocate will encourage you to seek Joy right where you are.  Thriving with PMDD is possible!

Let’s get a little more personal.

I am a young wife and mother… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  In 2009, I married my loving hubby when I was 21.
The Joyful Advocate - helping Christian women find the encouragement they need to thrive in their marriages.
In 2010, we welcomed our daughter.  Our son joined us two years later and, as they say, the rest is history!
The Joyful Advocate - helping Christian women thrive in their marriages and parenting.
I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and taught in the public school system for a few years.  I loved it but my heart was at home, so in 2015, my husband and I began minimizing our lifestyle.  This helped us be obedient to God’s calling for me to leave the working world behind.

In 2016, we began homeschooling.  I never thought I’d have the opportunity to homeschool my kids, so this has been such a fun journey for us!
The Joyful Advocate - Helping Christian women thrive in their marriages and parenting.

At 29 years old, in the summer of 2017, I was diagnosed with PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).  If you’re never experienced PMDD, you can learn how it feels to live with it here.

Before you go!

Let me thank you, sincerely, for reading my writing.  It’s my passion to share my story; thank you for giving me the opportunity to do that!

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Thanks, friend!