How to Love Your Husband through a Job Loss

How to love your husband through a job loss, and one thing to never do, from a wife who has walked that journey.

In 2008, my husband experienced a job loss.

While this season of our lives was scary and challenging, it also positively shaped our new marriage. Instead of driving us apart, my husband’s job loss brought us closer together. It taught us to be gentle with each other during hard times.

If your husband recently lost his job, I know you’re feeling scared. You might even be angry! But take heart, friend, there is hope. This season will eventually pass and you will come through stronger on the other side.

In the meantime, here are 5 ways to love your husband through the loss of his job, and one thing to absolutely never do.

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Keep Your Marriage Healthy (when your husband is out of town)

Keep your marriage healthy when your husband is out of town with these 4 simple ideas.

For the past few years, we’ve struggled to keep our marriage healthy.

My husband works for a prominent race team in NASCAR and travels to many of the races each season. Most months, he’s out of town every other week from Thursday-Sunday.

Through the first few years of his traveling, he often felt forgotten and unappreciated, and I felt unloved and unimportant, while he was out of town.

This year, though, we committed to nurturing our marriage first. Our main focus has been to keep our marriage healthy.
And friend, I can honestly say we are thriving!

I want to share four simple things that we do to keep our marriage healthy while he’s out of town.

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What Living with PMDD Feels Like

Let's talk about PMDD & what it feels like to live with it every day.

When I go to the beach, I like to stand at the edge of the ocean, where the water crashes into the shore.  I like to watch my toes sink further into the sand with each passing wave.
I attempt to lift my feet and am surprised by the amount of effort I’ll have to put forth to become un-submerged in the crashing momentum of the waves meeting the sand.
The surprise never diminishes, regardless of how many times I do this.

I realize this is what living with PMDD feels like.

For two weeks out of the month, I am standing at the edge of the ocean, where the water crashes into the shore.  I can see it coming, but I don’t think it will reach me.
Surely, I’m far enough away this time.

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My Read-Aloud Confession and Updated Plan

Reading aloud to my children is important, but it's hard to remember to do it! Read my plan for making sure we read together every day & see if it will work for your family, too!

I have a big confession, friend.

I’m an avid reader.
I love reading!

But, when it comes to reading to my children, I really struggle. I find myself completely forgetting, or intentionally ignoring, the task of reading aloud to my children every day.

As a homeschooling parent, this is particularly frustrating to me. I keep telling myself I have to do better. And I usually do… for a week or two.

We all know how great reading aloud to children is for their academic readiness and language growth. Sometimes, though, we still need a little encouragement and motivation to create a plan and stick to it to make sure our children are getting the one-on-one reading time with Mom (or Dad!) that they need.

So, over the last few weeks I’ve revamped my reading plan and want to share it with you. Maybe, if you find yourself struggling to make time to read to your children, too, this will help!

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