You Don’t Need to be Perfect to Homeschool

You don't need to be perfect to homeschool! Here are the 6 things you need to be, instead.

Hey friend, can I share a secret with you?
You don’t have to be perfect to homeschool.

Shocking, I know.

If you look around Pinterest, it probably feels like you couldn’t swing this homeschooling thing because you don’t love crafts, you haven’t written your own reading curriculum, and math… just, math!

I was terrified to start homeschooling even though I knew it was the right thing for our family.

I’m not perfect! I kept thinking to myself. What if I’m not cut out for this!?

Can you relate?  If so, guess what…

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What Living with PMDD Feels Like

Let's talk about PMDD & what it feels like to live with it every day.

When I go to the beach, I like to stand at the edge of the ocean, where the water crashes into the shore.  I like to watch my toes sink further into the sand with each passing wave.
I attempt to lift my feet and am surprised by the amount of effort I’ll have to put forth to become un-submerged in the crashing momentum of the waves meeting the sand.
The surprise never diminishes, regardless of how many times I do this.

I realize this is what living with PMDD feels like.

For two weeks out of the month, I am standing at the edge of the ocean, where the water crashes into the shore.  I can see it coming, but I don’t think it will reach me.
Surely, I’m far enough away this time.

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