Teach Your Child Your Phone Number with a Song

Songs to help your child learn his/her phone number, address, full name, and more!

Since my children were newborns, I’ve been making up songs for them.
It started as something to bring me joy and turned into great educational opportunities!

When our 5 year old was struggling to remember our phone number, I decided it was only appropriate that I make up a song to help him.  He loves it and now has our number memorized!

If your three-five year old is ready to learn important information about your family, like his phone number, address, food allergies, and full name, try these songs! Replace my information with yours. Sing it every day and before you know it, he’ll be able to answer these important, age-appropriate questions.

Phone Number

While I was teaching at a public school, I was surprised by the amount of students who did not know their parents’ phone numbers. This is something we should really teach our children before school starts for safety and in case of an emergency.

This one is set to the beginning tune of The Addams’ Family theme song.

My phone number *snap, *snap
is seven-oh-four *snap, *snap
*snap, *snap


Our address is pretty long and our daughter found it hard to memorize. We put it into a song this year and both she and her five year old brother had it memorized within a week. Like their phone number, children should really know their address before they start elementary school!

This one is set to the tune of Ten Little Ladybugs.

Five-three-two Catalina Point Place
Five-three-two Catalina Point Place
Five-three-two Catalina Point Place
Raleigh, North Carolina

Food Allergies

I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t actually use this song for my kids but wish I had! It popped into my brain while I was searching for meal inspiration one night. Our son used to have six food allergies and this song would have been perfect for his days in daycare/preschool!

This one is set to the tune of “Are You Sleeping.”

Are you allergic?
Are you allergic?
Yes, I am.
Yes, I am.
To dairy, eggs, and gluten.
Dairy, eggs, and gluten.
(or list more allergies, if needed)
Yes, I am.
Yes, I am.

Full Name

Learning their full name is challenging for many kids, our son included. This song is very fun because I often sing it with both kids, taking turns changing out our names. Together, we’re learning every family member’s full name, which is pretty cool.

This one is set to the tune of “BINGO”

I am a boy who has a name and it is Cain
Cain Michael Smith
Cain Michael Smith
Cain Michael Smith
And Cain is my name!

*I tried to make sure the phone number, address, and name examples used here do not actually belong to someone! If they do, it was purely accidental.

Do you make up songs to help your children remember important information? Share your ideas below!

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  1. Hello there!
    Wow! I LOVE that you use music to teach such important information. I agree, when I was teaching public school, I was SHOCKED by how many elementary kids didn’t know their emergency information! I’m so glad you posted about this, these are adorable songs with great importance! Thanks for sharing!

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